Paypal compared to Alipay



PSP Features of Paypal compared to Alipay
California, USAHQ BasedShagnhai, China
Paypal has plug-n-play integration with all major ecommerce SaaS solutionsSupported MerchantsAlibaba has plug-n-play integration with most ecommerce SaaS solutions from the Asian markets
$0.50/transaction for any amount under $25, tiered percentage pricing until >$1000/itemFee structure
1% of amount transferredBank fees
Credit Cards and Direct BankingPayment MethodsCredit Cards
Recurring Payments
Developer Friendly
Apple Pay Support
Point of Sale Support
Unsupported Paid Feature Supported Unknown



Who doesn’t know the most famous and definitely the first in the online payment space, Paypal. It’s founders have since moved on to put the human species on another planet, however to this day Paypal remains one of the biggest payment companies globally. Paypal has giant customers across the globe, small and large. One of it’s recent curious moves is that Paypal started to accept transactions in and on the Bitcoin network.


Jack Ma’s payment company, branched off of Taobao in the early 2010’s. Currently AntGroup is the holding company that is China’s largest payment processor.

Alipay is making an effort to win merchants and sellers across the globe to integrate their payment flows and tools.