Stripe compared to UnionPay International

UnionPay International


PSP Features of Stripe compared to UnionPay International
StripeFeaturesUnionPay International
Dublin, Ireland and San Fransisco, USAHQ BasedShanghai, China
Stripe can settle in several currencies. Currency specific fees are applicable to settlementsSettlements
Supported Merchants
EUR0.25 per transaction plus at least 1.4% of the transation and additional costs of addon products or based on card country origin. Generally this boils down to ~3% per transactionFee structure
Bank fees
136 currencies to dateCurrencies136 currencies to date
Credit Cards, POS, and Direct BankingPayment MethodsCredit Cards, POS, and Direct Banking
Recurring Payments
Developer Friendly
Apple Pay Support
Stripe Terminal is a relatively new product launched by Stripe that enables people to use strupe for their POSPoint of Sale Support
Unsupported Paid Feature Supported Unknown



Stripe has been ‘the new kid on the block’ for the past years. Stripe gained gigantic traction by building a developer friendly product that’s got all you would ever need to run an online shop in western countries.

Their expansion into becomming the worlds best global PSP is progressing perfectly, as

UnionPay International

UnionPay has been around since the dotcom bubble, and has earned it’s fair share in the payment space. UnionPay may also be known as CUP (China Union Pay) or UPI (Union Pay International)